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IRF-PAI Version 3.0 Training and Testing Credential System Now Available!

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IRF-PAI Version 3.0 Training and Testing Credential System

ITHealthTrack, Inc Online IRF-PAI Training is designed to enhance reliability of functional assessment.  It is a video based training system that presents working clinicians and actual patients filmed at inpatient medical rehabilitation facilities.   The system includes approximately three hours of content divided into ten modules that can be viewed at the clinician’s convenience.  The testing component allows clinicians to evaluate their skills.


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IRF-PAI Version 3.0 Training and Testing


Benefits and Features


An Educational Psychology Perspective

Video is a powerful teaching and learning tool because it is one of the few mediums that has been used effectively in many facets of medical education face-to-face teaching and at a distance.

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Interrater Reliability Inter-rater Agreement and Training

Research has shown that quality of training programs was the key point for improving the inter-rater reliability. Of training methods, didactic instruction along with practical and/or applied skills training appears to be most effective Read More

The Cascading Effects of Reliability/Agreement Using the in IRF-PAI Interrater

Interrater reliability is a metric used to assess the degree to which different judges or raters agree in their assessment decisions.Read More




View Our IRF-PAI Version 3.0 Demo

This video short was produced to demonstrate the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility - Patient Assessment Instrument (IRF-PAI) training, testing and credentialing project that is currently in production. It is intended to help rehabilitation clinicians use IRF-PAI in a reliable manner.


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IRF-PAI Version 2.0 Training and Testing

IT HealthTrack, Inc has developed 2 DVDs designed to enhance the reliability of functional assessment.
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Module 1: The Functional Independence Measure (FIM)

  • IT HealthTrack: Program Highlights
  • Overview of the IRF Prospective Payment System (PPS) and the PAI
  • Assessing Function with the Functional Independence Measurement
  • Measuring Disability with the Functional Independence Measurement
  • Function Modifiers
  • Using Zeros when Assessing Function
  • Domains of Function
  • Self-Care: Eating, Grooming, Bathing, Upper Body Dressing, Lower Body Dressing, Toileting
  • Sphincter Control: Bladder Control, Bowel Control
  • Mobility: Bed/Chair/Wheelchair Transfers, Toilet Transfers, Tub/Shower Transfers
  • Locomotion: Walking and Wheelchair Modes, Walking, Wheelchair, Stairs
  • Communication: Comprehension and Expression Modes, Comprehension, Expression
  • Social Cognition: Social Interaction, Problem Solving, Memory
  • Implications of Total Functional Independence Measurement Scores: Functional Independence Measurement Scores and the Payment System, Functional Independence Measurement Scores and Outcomes of Rehabilitation
  • Summary and Conclusions

Module 2: Functional Assessment & The IRF-PAI Testing Your Assessment Skills


  • Builds on Module 1.
  • Contains 20 Tests.
  • Each test consists of 23 questions.
  • 18 Functional Independence Measurement items
    and 5 Key Functional Modifiers per test.
  • Certification is earned at Completion.
  • View patients performing actual functions.
  • Clinicians apply knowledge to real situations.
  • Each exam consists of 3 Tests.
  • There are over 200 different test combinations.
  • The tests taking process is flexible.
  • Exams can be taken as a group or an individual.
  • Test takers can view scenarios multiple times.
  • Video testing is a realistic skill assessment tool.
  • It's Cost Effective.
  • Purchase of DVD includes 100 exam evaluations.
  • Additional exam evaluations may be purchased for a minimal fee.
  • Testing clinicains' assessment skills is critical for appropriate payment for IRF's.
  • PPS uses CMG or Case Mix Groups, and are reffered to in the training.
  • Testing is verification that clinicians are applying their knowledge while assessing patient function.

IRF-PAI Version 3.0 Training and Testing  Credential System

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