Did you receive a call from one of our Registered Clinicians?

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Did you receive a call from one of our Clinicians?

ITHealthtrack is hired by rehabilitation hospitals to call patients who have recently been discharged, either 30 days post-discharge or 90 days post discharge. 

Our clinician is calling to do a brief follow up interview with the patient to see how they are doing after discharge.

Why is the Rehabilitation Hospital having ITHealthtrack call their patients?

A major goal of rehabilitation is to improve an individual’s ability to perform key activities of daily living. Upon admission to the Rehabilitation Hospital, you are evaluated on your initial performance of certain activities and during your rehabilitation program your progress is again evaluated.

This information allows us to determine if the progress you achieved at our rehabilitation facility is carried over to your own environment and sustained over time. It also allows us to evaluate our programs and continually improve the quality of care provided.