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IRF-PAI Version 3.0 Training and Testing Credential System Now Available!

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IT HealthTrack collects post-discharge functional outcomes to provide evidence of the durability of goals achieved during inpatient rehabilitation programs. Follow-up items include the 18 functional activities assessed during the inpatient phase of treatment from the IRF-PAI, demographic information and several key satisfaction items. Collecting follow-up data is a requirement for Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accreditation. ITH provides a cost effective and reliable alternative to using in-house staff for this importation process.  

IT HealthTrack developed two educational DVDs. The first is entitled, “Module 1 – The Functional Independence Measure” and the second is “Module 2 - Functional Assessment and the IRF-PAI: Testing your Assessment Skills”. Module 1 was designed to provide an overview of the Functional Independence Measure’s development and its principles, its role in the IRF-PPS and examples of reliable scoring. Module 2 is intended to test rating proficiency. Clinicians view video based scenarios and score items which we evaluate for accuracy. Clinicians receive individual reports of test results and have an opportunity to earn ITH Certification and 80%, 90% or 100% accuracy levels as desired by their facility administrators. To date, ITH has provided over 10,000 tests.


IRF-PAI Version 3.0 Sections GGH

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility –Patient Assessment Instrument Version 3.0 includes the GGH items from the Minimum Data Set (MDS) and helps fulfill the objective of consistency in data collection across all Post-Acute Care (PAC) venues.  IRF-PAI Version 3.0 sections GG & H includes 26 items and uses a six level scale.


IRF-PAI Version 2.0

The Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility – Patient Assessment Instrument Version 2.0 includes the Functional Independence Measure which is comprised of eighteen items and five function modifiers and uses a seven level scale.