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This is the new IT HealthTrack blog. It is developed for clinicians who are working in inpatient rehabilitation facilities and who are using the Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility - Patient Assessment Instrument or IRF-PAI. It provides an opportunity to have questions, answers and discussions around scoring and coding issues.We can also examine topics such as: medical necessity, documentation, payment, Medicare regulations and other clinical topics.    

Today's topic is a scoring question. 

Question: Is a tub bench considered an adaptive device for bathing?

Answer and Discussion: No, but let's have some discussion. In IRF-PAI Version 2.0 (including Functional Independence Measure items), a tub bench would be a device for tub transfer, not bathing. A patient may also use devices for bathing, while using a tub bench, such as a hand-held shower or long-handled sponge and then we would score use of devices for bathing. There may also be set-up or clean-up devices; this would also affect scoring. In Version 3.0 (including Minimum Data Set items), there is no scoring for tub transfer, but use of devices would be considered in bathing. However, in Version 3.0, a patient is scored independent with or without a device, so any scoring less than level 6 would have to include set-up or help for bathing activities.